UltraFileSearch is a Search Utility which is able to quickly find Files, Folders and Text on your Local, Network, DVD, CD-ROM, USB Hard or Flash Drives.
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Features of UltraFileSearch

UltraFileSearch is available in two Editions: Standard (Shareware) and Lite (Freeware).

Each Edition is also available in Portable Version that can be copied to a removable device and does not leave traces on your computer, but cannot be launched from the context menu of Windows® Explorer.

The comparison list below shows which features are available in the two Editions of UltraFileSearch.

 ■  Easy, User friendly and intuitive interface.
 ■  The search is done without the need to use background indexing.
 ■  No waste of system resources and of extra space on disk.
 ■  Can be launched directly from Windows® Explorer shell context menu.
 ■  Can Search any NTFS or FAT File System, supported by the Operating System.
 ■  Search in every kind of Drive: Internal, External, Network, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.
 ■  Full support to Unicode characters.
 ■  Ability to calculate the Size of the Folders.
 ■  Multi Rename that lets you Edit and Rename a list of Files at once.
 ■  Batch Rename that lets you Rename a list of Files according to certain rules.
 ■  Search for Files by Length of Filename, Length of Folder, Length of Full Path.
 ■  Search Files or Files and Folders or only Folders.
 ■  Allows you to specify the File Name Mask in 2 ways: "Simple" and "Wildcards".
 ■  Allows you to enter more File Name Masks at the same time.
 ■  Search in Subfolders and may include Hidden Subfolders.
 ■  Drag & Drop Folders support from other Applications to "Search Path" Box.
 ■  Allows you to quickly select the Local or Network Drives or of single Drive.
 ■  Allows you to enter more Drives and/or Folders at the same time.
 ■  Accepts single or multiple "Environment Variables" (e.g. %APPDATA%)
 ■  Supports UNC Network Path Names (i.e. \\ComputerName\FolderName).
 ■  Supports for Long Path Names (lengths > 260 characters).
 ■  Ability to define a multi-Folder that contains a list of Folders and/or Drives.
 ■  Allows you to assign a mnemonic name to the multi-Folder.
 ■  Possibility to define the Folders to be Excluded from all searches.
 ■  Possibility to set more Filters on the Folders in which the search is performed.
 ■  Search in Plain Text Files and in Binary Files looking in their Raw Format.
     (e.g. txt, html, csv, exe, dll, obj etc.)
 ■  Search in Encoded Text Documents using IFilters Add-ins to find the text.
     (e.g. PDF, XLS, DOC, XLSX, DOCX etc.)
 ■  Allows you to specify the Text Masks in 2 ways: "Words" and "Phrases".
 ■  Ability to search more Phrases and Words together.
 ■  Text search Options: Entire/Partial Word(s)/Phrase(s) and Match Case.
 ■  Ability to find files that do not contain specified Words and Phrases.
 ■  Can ignore Files of certain Types: Hidden, System, Image, Audio, Video.
 Date and Size
 ■  Filter for Files Newer than or Older than or within a specific Date range.
 ■  Possibility to select the Date Range on the basis of hours, Minutes, Seconds.
 ■  Can filter for "Modified", "Creation" and "Last Access" Date at the same time.
 ■  Filter for Files Larger than or Smaller than or within a specific Size range.
 ■  Possibility to select the Size Range on the basis of Bytes, KB, MB, GB.
 ■  Can choose the match type for the attributes to search for (Any, All, Only).
 Results Window
 ■  Thumbnails View.
 ■  Possibility to append results of consecutive searches.
 ■  The rows of the results are numbered for an easy recognition.
 ■  The results can be put in order by column: upward, downward or initial.
 ■  Ability to perform incremental search in the Results.
 ■  Search for Column in the Results and positioning on the found Item.
 ■  The Results window supports Windows® Explorer functionality
     (e.g. icons, context menus).
 ■  Specific actions can be carried out on the results
     (e.g. Open Folder, Open Containing Folder).
 ■  Multi-select support in order to perform editing on multiple Items.
     (e.g. Cut, Copy, Copy to Folder, Move to Folder, Rename, Delete etc.).
 ■  Drag & Drop Support from Results Items to other Applications.
 ■  Ability to change the column layout (position, size, visibility).
 ■  Ability to zoom the text for better legibility.
 Exports Results
 ■  The results can be exported in various File formats.
 ■  Plain Text (TXT), Tab Delimited Text (TXT)
 ■  Web Page (HTML)
 ■  Web Page with Links (HTML), XML Document (XML)
 ■  Comma Separated Values (CSV)
 Statistics visualization
 ■  Progress state visualization: Files and Folders found and Total Size.
 ■  Display of the main Search Filters in the Window Caption and in the Taskbar.
 ■  Shows the statistics of the last search performed.
 ■  Can choose which types of MRU Items to save and (or) load.
 ■  Can choose which types of Search Parameters to save and (or) load.
 ■  Possibility to choose the destination Directory of the Export command.
 Software license(Freeware)(Shareware)
 You can download the Software or purchase the License to useDownloadPurchase

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