Purchase UltraFileSearch

UltraFileSearch Standard is distributed as Shareware and can be used in Trial for a period of 30 days. If you want to use the Software also after the Trial period you must purchase the License to use it.

The License allows to use UltraFileSearch Standard for a lifetime and get one year of Free upgrades. The purchase of the License allows to use indifferently either the Setup Version that Portable Version. You are entitled to 30-Days Money Back Guarantee if the Product does not suit your needs.

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Single User License

A Single User License allows the use of the Software mainly to the Customer who has purchased it. The Software may be installed and used on up to 3 Devices (PC Desktop, Netbook, USB Key).

 1 License  US$ 24.95

Multi-User License

The Multi-User License allows installation and use of the Software on a number of different Devices (PC Desktop, Notebook, USB Key), not exceeding the quantity of Licenses purchased.

 (Volume Discounts will be applied)
Volume Discounts
2-5 Licenses: US$ 19.96 (20% off)
6-10 Licenses: US$ 18.71 (25% off)
11-15 Licenses: US$ 17.46 (30% off)
16-20 Licenses: US$ 16.22 (35% off)
21-25 Licenses: US$ 14.97 (40% off)
26-30 Licenses: US$ 13.72 (45% off)
31-40 Licenses: US$ 12.47 (50% off)
41-50 Licenses: US$ 11.22 (55% off)
51-70 Licenses: US$ 9.98 (60% off)
71-100 Licenses: US$ 8.73 (65% off)
( For more than 100 licenses write for a quote at:  )

Useful Informations

(Total Cost: For some Countries the value-added tax (VAT) is applied)


The Software (and all Files relating to it) and the Registration Key for your License are only available via Electronic Software Distribution/Delivery (ESD).

After Purchase

After purchase you will receive two Emails: the first Email confirming that you have completed the Order and the second contains the Delivery Information.
In addition you will receive (usually within a few minutes or hours) an Email containing the Registration Key for your License, and detailed instructions on how to activate your User License.


If you do not receive these Emails within 24 hours, please check if your Emails have been blocked by SPAM Filter of your Email Software or your Email Service Provider.
If you still cannot receive the Order Confirmation Email or the Delivery Information Email, please contact the support of our e-commerce service provider FastSpring to Check the Status of your order.
If you have received the Order confirmation Email and the Delivery Information Email but can not receive the Email with Registration Key for your License, please write to:

If after contacting us you do not receive a reply, please send a new Email from a different Email Account to which we can respond.

Upgrade Discount

If the update period has expired and you wish to renew it for another year, you are entitled to a 33% of discount. You can get the Upgrade Discount using a Discount Coupon that must be entered in the Purchase Order.

In order to get the Discount Coupon you must send us an email with your previous Order Reference or the Email Address that you used to make the Purchase Order. The Discount Coupon will be emailed to you within 24 hours.