Download UltraFileSearch

UltraFileSearch is available in two Editions: Standard (Shareware) and Lite (Freeware).

Each Edition is also available in Portable Version that can be copied to a removable device and does not leave traces on your Computer, (although obviously the Operating System still keeps track of the programs executed), but cannot be launched from the Context Menu of Windows® Explorer.

You can install and run both Editions on the same Computer at the same time to evaluate them.
To compare the difference between them go to the Features page.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition can be freely downloaded and installed on your computer for evaluation. Once installed, this Edition can be used fully-functional in Trial Mode for a period of 30 days. If you have installed a Registration Key, the Software has no time limitations in its use.


Lite Edition

The Lite Edition (Freeware) of the Product may be used only for Personal Use at home for activities that do not generate income, or by Non-Profit Organizations. If you want to use UltraFileSearch for Commercial/Personal Use in a Company or for activities that generate income, you must download the Standard Edition.


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System Requirements

Operating System

Windows® 11 / Windows® 10 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows® XP


No specific hardware requirements.

Virus Scan Results

The following Table displays the SHA256 Hash Value for each File and allows you to check the Scan Results on
(Note that since this Software is compressed and protected against piracy, 1-5 False Positives out of 60-75 Checks is physiological)

Files SHA256 Hash and Link to VirusTotal
UltraFileSearchStd_681_Setup.exe 41a5a56cd30ce1482d5c163e586ff5de11a4964ffbfb0c9351d93121daf78807
UltraFileSearchStd_681_Setup.msi 19add297dd4b6af9a9a25befe8d0be81b26b0f01da8c56bd119e43963556e310 9d65e67ca5dff1b855f4a32bc858a3925d63bd48fd9d78a2aa2948872092a45a
UltraFileSearchLite_681_Setup.exe a32f80121074256ff590bb251e69a924117be7efb4eca254fda8058553185e3f
UltraFileSearchLite_681_Setup.msi d3fe2aa02ef7dbb72cfb5b3b20c8036c73726291a47197b4135127692464950f 0f547a62c6cf8d21f310894d976aabead0e7e604aeb3bb30c46092403b6f513d

Previous Versions

You can download the previous Build of the Standard Edition from here.

You can get the other Builds by submitting a request to:
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