History of UltraFileSearch

V. - September 2020

Added in the Result List the Columns: "File Owner" and "File Group".
It is possible Filter the Results based on File Owner and File Group.
During the Results Export the Columns being processed are displayed.
It is possible to Cancel the Results Export by pressing the ESC key.

V. - August 2020

After sorting to the right of the Column with Equal Values is displayed: the Group number, the Item number and the number of Items in the Group.
After sorting it is possible to filter the Groups of rows with Equal values, navigate between them and go to a specified one.

V. - December 2019

By clicking on the Columns to sort them in ascending or descending order, the Rows with the same Values are highlighted.
When the Columns are sorted, you can also export the Rows with the equal Values or with the different Values.
When the Columns are sorted, in the Export in HTML the Rows with the same Values are highlighted.

V. - July 2019

In the "Exclude Files" window the File Names can be entered also as "WildExp" Mode.
Added the Export of the Results as "File Name" and the "Path".
The Copy of the Columns: "File Name", "Path" and "Full Path" can be selected quickly from the Menu.
In the "Exclude Folders" window can be added automatically: the System Folder, the Programs Folder and the Recycle Bin.

V. - March 2019

The search for Text within Binary Files has been improved.
The Parameters set for Exporting the Results are saved in an INI File.
Exporting the Results as an XML File allows to create the XSL File to view it as HTML Page.

V. - November 2018

When Exporting the Results in Tabular Format it is possible to add the border of the Columns and the space to the left and right.
The Parameters set for Exporting the Results are maintained during the search session.
The built-in Text Filter for the *.XLSX Files allows to find the Text also in the Comments contained in the Document.

V. - July 2018

Added the Filename Mode "WildExp" which allows you to use the Wildcard characters and the Bracket Expressions.
The editing functionality of Filenames has been improved by making it more comprehensive and easy to use.
Added the "Command Prompt" item to the Context Menu.

V. - March 2018

Added the "Name Similarity" Mode that allows you to find File Names similar to the one you typed.

V. - November 2017

Added the search by Depth Level from the "Root" or from the "Starting Folder".
The Context Menu has been extended by adding a submenu to edit the Results List items.
The registration procedure handle Registration Keys in text format not formatted correctly or containing illegal characters.

V. - July 2017

Added search by Short Name.
Added the Columns: Depth Level from the "Root" and from the "Starting Folder".
New Move modes: Move maintaining the Parent Folders Structure down to the "Root" or "Starting Folder".
New Copy modes: Copy maintaining the Parent Folders Structure down to the "Root" or "Starting Folder" (mirroring).

V. - March 2017

New Dialog window that allows you to set the File Names to be excluded from all searches.
Ability to set the Exclude File Names in two ways: "Simple Mode" and "Wildcards Mode".

V. - November 2016

The Trial Period can be extended, renewed or unlocked using a Trial Key.
Added the Reset Menu for the Parameters and the Results List.
Improved the Automatic Character Encoding detection.

V. - March 2016

New Dialog window that allows you to edit the File Names and Save and Load them from File.
New Dialog window that allows you to edit the Search Texts and Save and Load them from File.
Added the parameter "Case Sensitive" on File Names for a more accurate search.

V. - January 2016

Specific Filenames can be excluded from the search by putting a minus sign before the Name Mask.

V. - October 2015

Added the Automatic Character Encoding detection of Plain Text Files without BOM when searching for Text.

Website V.2.0  -  October 2015

New Website of UltraFileSearch with responsive layout.

V. - July 2015

Text Filters for Lotus 1-2-3 & Symphony spreadsheets (123, WK1, WK2, WK3, WK4, WR1, WKS, WKE)
Text Filters for Quattro Pro spreadsheets (WQ1, WQ2, WKQ, WB3, QPW)
Exports Results in html improved.

V. - May 2015

The Export Results functionality has been improved:
- Selection of the Rows to be exported and also of the Columns and their order.
- Destination selection (File or Clipboard) and Save Mode selection (Overwrite or Append).
- Encoding selection (ASCII, ANSI Code Page, Unicode, Big-Endian Unicode, UTF8, UTF8 No BOM).

V. - February 2015

Built-in the Text Filters for the following eBooks Formats: EPUB, FB2, PDB
Improved Batch Rename feature.

V. - December 2014

Built-in the Text Filters for the following Formats: .WPD (Corel WordPerfect), .WRI (Microsoft Write)

V. - October 2014

Built-in the Text Filters for the following Open Documents Formats: ODT, ODS, ODP

V. - August 2014

Built-in the Text Filters for the following Formats: DOC, XLS, DOCX, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLSB

V. - June 2014

Improved the feature of selection and management of the Exclude Folders items.
Increased to 25 the maximum number of Items that can be stored.

V. - March 2014

Added the views: Details with Thumbnail and Tile with Thumbnail.
Extended the range of use, in the Results Window, of the Windows® Explorer Context Menu.

V. - February 2014

Added the Thumbnails View.
Improved the Text zoom functionality in the Results Window.

V. - December 2013

New multi-Folder Dialog that allows, with simple clicks, to select the Start Folders and the Skip Folders.

V. - October 2013

Added in the Result Window the Columns: Short Name, Length Name, Length Folder, Length Full Path.
Can Filter the Results based on the Length of Names: Length Name, Length Folder, Length Full Path.

V. - August 2013

Improved performance in the features "Find in Results" and "Export Results".
Ability to maximize the Results Window.
Export of the Results as Full Path.

V. - June 2013

Improved, for all Views, the scrolling Speed of the pages in the Results Window.
Added the condition "Equal to" at the filter on the File Size.

V. April 2013

The Filter to extract the Text from PDF Files is installed, as Add-on, with the Program.

V. - January 2013

Batch Rename feature that lets you Rename a list of Files according to certain rules.

V. - November 2012

Multi Rename that lets you Edit and Rename a list of Files at once.
Option to choose the editor you want to use to Rename Files.

V. - August 2012

Ability to calculate the Size of the Folders.
Some small improvements to the GUI and the code.

V. - June 2012

Increased the search speed about 70% (Only for Files and Folders. After the first scan).

V. - May 2012

Ability to define a multi-Folder that contains a list of Folders and/or Drives in which to search.
Allows you to assign a mnemonic name to the multi-Folder.
Allows you to import and export the list of Folders and/or Drives of the multi-Folder.

V. - April 2012

Increased the speed of scrolling pages in the Results Window.
The caption of the tabs indicates if the search is performed based on their parameters.

V. - March 2012

Possibility to set one or more Wildcards Filters on the Folders in which the search is performed.
After Paste in the box "File Name(s)" and "Starting Folder(s)" the Tab Char is converted to a Pipe Char.
The items "Everywhere", "Local Drives" and "Network Drives" now also show the Drives letter.

V. - February 2012

Possibility to choose the Exclude Folders that define folders to be excluded from all searches.
Ability to set the Exclude Folders in two ways: Full Paths and Directory with Wildcards.
Option to choose whether to clear or keep the "File Name" and the "Search Text" after change "Mode".

V. - January 2012

Improved search speed of about 20% in Windows® 7 and Windows® Server 2008 R2.
Ability to set two actions after Export of the Results: "Open Exported File" and "Open Folder of Exports".

V. - December 2011

Released the first Shareware Version of the Product. Added local Help in chm Format.
Search in Encoded Text Documents (e.g. PDF, XLSX, DOCX) using IFilter technology to find the text.
Support to multi-selection in order to perform editing (e.g. Copy, Cut, Delete etc) on multiple Items.

V. - September 2011

Saving and restoring Zoom Settings.
Saving and restoring Column Layout (Visibility, Width, Position) of the Result List.

V. - August 2011

Ability to zoom the text in the Results Window.
Drag & Drop Folders (Gets the list of Selected Folders) from other Applications to "Search Path" Box.
Drag & Drop Items (Move, Copy, Create Shortcut) from Results Window to other Applications.

V. - July 2011

Ability to Save and (or) Load search Parameters.
Option to select which types of Parameters to Save and (or) Load.
Option to select which types of Items to Save and (or) Load.

V. - May 2011

Added Rename Files. Added Copy to Folder. Added Move To Folder. Improved Create Shortcut.
Added Edit Menu: Cut, Copy, Copy to Folder, Move to Folder, Create Shortcut, Delete, Rename,
Remove from List.

V. - February 2011

The Search Path supports single or multiple "Environment Variables" (e.g. %APPDATA%|%PATH%)
Added the Source Folders View of the Results.

V. - December 2010

Export as Web Page File (HTML) with Links.

V. - October 2010

Ability to search more than one Sentence, or more Phrases and Words together, at the same time.
Display of the main Filters to Search in the Caption of the Window and the Taskbar.
Added Options for Exporting Results.

V. - August 2010

Ability to Filter by "Modified Date", "Creation Date" and "Last Access Date" at the same time.

V. - June 2010

Filter for Attributes of Files.

V. - April 2010

Possibility to specify the File Name in two modes: "Simple Text" and "Wildcards Mask".

V. - March 2010

Added the range "not between" to the filter for the date and the size.
Improved functionality to add the item "Ultra File Search..." to shell context menu.

V. - January 2010

The Search Path supports UNC names (i.e. \\ComputerName\FolderName).
Supports Path lengths greater than 260 characters (max 32767).
Functionality improved in 'Find in Results' and 'Items Management'.

V.  -  December 2009

Full support to Unicode Characters.

V.  -  November 2009

Find text in binary Files (e.g. EXE, DLL, OBJ, XLS, PDF etc.) searching in their raw format.

V.  -  October 2009

Save and load window position, size and state.
Items management (File Mask, Search Path, Search Text).

V.  -  September 2009

Increased the Speed of Search of the 35...50 %.
(The percentage changes according to the select Filters).

V.  -  July 2009

Incremental Search in the Window of the Results.
Search for Column in the Window of the Results and positioning on the found Items.

V.  -  May 2009

The results window supports Windows® Explorer functionality (e.g. icons, context menus).

V.  -  March 2009

First Public Release.

Website V.1.0  -  March 2009

First Website of UltraFileSearch.

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